Green Bean Books

Submissions Criteria


1.  Green Bean Books currently only accepts English-language submissions with Jewish content for 0-4s and 4-8s. Very occasionally we take on books for mid-grade readers too. 

2. Please note we do not consider manuscripts that are on active submission to other publishers: when you submit a text, please provide a full submission history. Before we consider anything we need to know if it has previously been sent to the PJ Library, PJ Our Way, or any other publisher.
3. Green Bean only publishes books that has very clear Jewish content. In your cover note, please explain briefly what that Jewish content is! 
4. If you have a good following on any social media platform please tell us and provide links. 
5. You should get an acknowledgement of your email within a week, and a full response after 4-6 weeks when our submission has been properly evaluated by our editorial and sales team.
6. We strongly suggest you only submit one manuscript at a time. 
7. Finally, please let us know how you heard about Green Bean Books and if you have read any of the titles we have published.