Green Bean Books

Barefoot in the Sand

Written by Hava Divon
Illustrated by Rotem Templow

Price: £10.99 / $12.99
Pages: 32
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781784389260


  • Teaches children the importance of working hard to make your dreams come true and to always be thankful for what we have
  • Tells an important story about how people from different places with different accents can become our family and teaches young readers to be respectful towards others
  • Beautifully illustrated throughout
  • A touching story of togetherness and a homage to the early immigrants of Israel who shared a dream


When Saul was a little boy, he used to listen to stories about a place called Eretz Yisrael – the land of Israel. Everything he heard inspired him and he longed to know what it would be like to live there and to walk barefoot in the soft, golden sand.

When Saul grows up and finally gets his wish, will it live up to his expectations?

Follow Saul in this heart-warming tale about following your dreams and the importance of accepting everyone, no matter where they come from.

Author Details

Havvah Deevon is a Jerusalemite, scriptwriter, screenwriter and graduate of the Ma’ale Film School in Jerusalem, where she lectures on scriptwriting and screenwriting and she also mentors students. Havvah is the co-creator and writer of the award-winning TV show Srugim, and a scriptwriter of screenplays for Israeli television and Israeli films and the ultra-Orthodox film industry.

Illustrator Details

Rotem Teplow lives with her husband and son in a small village by Israel’s Dead Sea. She graduated from the Shenkar College of Design in 2016. She loves yoga, reading books, and illustrating beautiful scenery. She currently illustrates for children’s books and magazines worldwide. Find her on Instagram or visit


Hava Deevon is a script and screenplay writer for Israeli television and co-creator and writer of the series Srugim. Rotem Teplow has illustrated many children’s books, including My Israel and Me (Kalaniot, 2021), and And a Cat from Carmel Market (Kar-Ben, 2021). The text works well with the illustrations, which are full of blues and tans in its depictions of Israel, and the longing of all Jews for their homeland is clear. A double-spread when Saul says the Hallel prayer depicts the vibrant fruits of Israel.’ – Chava Pinchuck, Editor, Jewish Values Finder 

“This heartwarming story is about the bond between two men, who appear different on the outside but have both dreamed of moving to the Land of Israel… The story is told about a time long ago when traveling was much more difficult and people only knew those who looked like themselves. Saul and Solomon look nothing alike, speak with different accents, and grew up worlds apart. But when they meet, the Hallel prayer brings them together. This is a story about the bond between a Jewish man from an Arabian land and a Jewish man from Europe who are both fulfilling their dreams of living barefoot on the hot sand of Israel. This is a contender for the Sydney Taylor Book Award as it is relatable for all Jews, no matter where they live. It may not be as invoking for non-Jews but relatable for immigrants who have found a home in a new country.” – Ronda Einbinder,

‘In Barefoot in the Sandwritten by Hava Deevon and translated by Gilah Kahn-Hoffman, two immigrants to Israel, one Ashkenazi from Romania, and one Mizrahi from Yemen, meet. They are dressed differently and speak Hebrew with different accents, but happily discover all they have in common: the same prayers, the same songs, the same faith, the same dream to make aliyah. Exuberant illustrations… show the men’s journeys and their joy.’  — Rachel Fremmer,  Tablet Magazine’s Best Books of 2023

‘In this sweet­ly illus­trat­ed sto­ry, chil­dren learn about the deep con­nec­tions Jews have to the land of Israel and each oth­er. It may even inspire them to walk bare­foot on an Israeli beach one day.’  — Jewish Book Council

‘Saul from Romania and Solomon from Yemen meet in the desert of pre-state Israel, after achieving their lifelong dreams to feel the sand of the Holy Land under their feet. Although they have different clothing, languages, and even skin tones, they recognize each other as brothers when they recite the Hallel prayer together in the joy of their arrival. A quiet and lovely book.’ — My Completely Unofficial 2024 Sydney Taylor Book Award Shortlist, The Book of Life podcast

‘In Hava Deevon’s picture book, Barefoot in the Sand, Saul, a young boy from Romania, grows up hearing stories about the Land of Israel and spends his whole life imagining himself walking on the warm sand in bare feet. When Saul’s dream is fulfilled and he finally arrives in Israel as an adult, he crosses paths with another Jewish man whose journey to Israel began in Yemen. Their connection to each other is heartwarming and inspiring. Rotem Teplow’s beautiful illustrations enhance the story.’  Barbara Bietz,

‘Follow Saul in this heart-warming tale about growing up and making your dreams come true. Discover the people he meets along the way and the importance of accepting everyone, no matter where they come from. Great things await us all if we are patient enough to discover them and if we are brave enough to pursue or dreams.’  – StoryBook Lady (Posted on and GoodReads)