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Green Bean Books was established to publish inspiring and innovative children’s literature — but we can’t resist the occasional food-related book too.  The first cookbook was a fundraising collection of chocolate recipes, published in September 2022, which has already raised more than £15,000 for Chai Cancer Care. The second cookbook is Silvia Nacamulli’s brilliant and critically-acclaimed collection of Jewish-Italian recipes. And, finally, Israeli food writer Gil Hovav has penned a charming and funny memoir, with a few recipes thrown into the mix too. 

Babka, Boulou & Blintzes
Compiled by Michael Leventhal

“The best book about chocolate I have ever read – terrific recipes, gorgeous photography and a unique cultural perspective. As with all the best Jewish cookbooks, you want to dive in and eat till you feel sick. Then eat some more.” – Giles Coren 

Price: £25 / $34.95
ISBN: 9781784386993

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Jewish Flavours of Italy
Written by Silvia Nacamulli


  • Authentic collection of Italian Jewish home-cooked dishes
  • More than 100 kosher recipes that celebrate the tradition of Italian Jewish cuisine
  • Personal anecdotes intertwined with historical facts
  • Special photography contribution by Barbara Toselli

Book available from October 2022

Price: £30.00 / $40.00

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Candies From Heaven

Written by Gil Hovav


  • A warm and funny memoir by Israel’s leading culinary journalist
    Includes humorous accounts of Gil Hovav’s family life in Jerusalem in the sixties and seventies.

  • Brilliant storytelling accompanied by twenty-one family recipes handpicked by Hovav

  • This book will be adored by foodies and fans of Gil Hovav alike

Book available from November 2022

Price: £13.99 / $15.99
ISBN: 9781784388836

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