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Please click here to see an interview with Silvia (and a delicious recipe!) in the Belsize Square synagogue magazine.

Jewish Flavours of Italy
Written by Silvia Nacamulli

Price: £30.00 / $40.00
Pages: 336
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781784387785


  • Authentic collection of Italian Jewish home-cooked dishes
  • More than 100 kosher recipes that celebrate the tradition of Italian Jewish cuisine
  • Personal anecdotes intertwined with historical facts
  • Special photography contribution by Barbara Toselli


‘A richly-illustrated culinary journey through Italy, and a deep dive into the author’s culinary heritage.’ – The Bookseller

“Cooking in itself is a creative and fulfilling activity, and the results of your efforts can satisfy not only your taste buds but also your soul. This is my aim: cooking for the soul.” – Silvia Nacamulli in Elle a Tavola

With more than 100 kosher recipes, Silvia offers readers a unique collection of authentic and traditional Italian-Jewish dishes, combined with stunning photography, practical tips, and clear explanations. With a delicious mix of recipes, family stories and history, Silvia offers a unique insight into centuries’ old culinary traditions.

Discover recipes from everyday home-cooked meals to special celebration menus for Jewish holidays. Highlights include recipes such as pasta e fagioli (borlotti bean soup), family favourites such as melanzane alla parmigiana (aubergine parmigiana), as well as delicious Jewish dishes such as Carciofi alla Giudia (Jewish-style fried artichokes), challah bread, and sarde in saor (Venetian sweet and sour sardines).

Silvia’s extensive cooking repertoire combined with her life experiences means that her recipes and family stories are one-of-a-kind. She introduces the reader to soup, pasta, matzah, and risotto dishes, then moves on to meat, poultry, fish, and vegetable recipes. Silvia finishes with mouth-watering desserts such as orecchie di Amman (Haman’s ears), Roman Jewish pizza ebraica (nut and candied fruit cakes) and sefra (aromatic semolina bake). Even the most sweet-toothed readers will be satisfied!

Each recipe is introduced by Silvia in a friendly and conversational tone that will get readers involved before they even get the chance to preheat the oven. Throughout the book, in-depth features highlight ingredients such as artichokes, courgette flowers and aubergines. A personal touch shines through and provides a connection with the author. Silvia’s enthusiastic and charming personality transforms this collection of recipes into a culinary experience that will be cherished by generations to come.

Author Details

Silvia Nacamulli is a master in the art of traditional Italian Jewish home-cuisine. A London-based cook born and bred in Rome, Silvia had the privilege of observing three generations of fine Italian Jewish cooks, surrounded by Italy’s culture and love of food.

Silvia set up her business, La Cucina di Silvia, in 2002 and has established herself as a much-loved professional cook, lecturer, and food writer. She is as well-recognised name on the international food circuit, having written more than 200 recipes for The Jewish Chronicle, contributed to several recipe books, and given more than 500 demonstrations at cookery schools, charities, synagogues, fairs and festivals.

You can find Silvia on Instagram as @silvia_nacamulli, on Facebook as Cooking for the Soul or on her website


“Glorious food from an engaging family – informative, fascinating, moving and delicious.”

Claudia Roden

“Food and family stories are the best way, perhaps the only way, to begin to unravel the intricate history of the Jews of Italy. This is a brilliant book to cook from and, as you do that, get a glimpse into a community more than two millennia old. Start with pasta e fagioli, one of my father’s favourites.”

Yotam Ottolenghi

“Silvia lives and breathes the Italian food of her family and their forbears, she has carefully
researched the provenance of each dish, and lends great authenticity and exuberance to every single
page of this book. Brava!”
Joan Nathan

“Don’t buy one copy – buy two (that caponata is to die for)!”
Gil Hovav

“Once you set foot in Silvia’s Italian Jewish kitchen, you will never want to leave. Much more than a cookbook, this is a delicious deep dive into heritage, family and the Italian Jewish soul.”
Lisa Goldberg, Monday Morning Cooking Club

“A joyous celebration of the history and culinary heritage of Italian Jews. Silvia Nacamulli beautifully weaves together personal stories of family, friendships and, of course, delicious food.”

Linda Dangoor, author of Flavours of Babylon

“Silvia’s stunning book is a fascinating and delicious journey into the Italian Jewish kitchen.”
Victoria Prever, food editor of The Jewish Chronicle

‘Nacamulli’s intensive look at the cuisine of Jewish Italians, known as Italkim, combines a very personal viewpoint with hundreds of recipes and anecdotes that evoke memories and the kind of in-depth knowledge born of experience. For example, in addition to sharing the gripping tale of her family’s survival of the war, Nacamulli explains the fascination with matzo and offers menu options for the different Jewish holidays. Every recipe sings, from lead-in descriptions and top-notch color photographs to the step by steps (if needed) as well as tips and variations. While this is aimed at kosher households, all dishes can be reconfigured for those not adhering to any guidelines. Read this for the stories; refer to it for one-of-a-kind recipes.’
— Barbara Jacobs, Booklist

‘This book is so much more than a cookbook. I found the recipes to be fabulous and am eager to try some of these.  The addition of stories and history really set this book apart from so many other cookbooks. I felt that not only was Silvia sharing her recipes, but she was sharing herself…her story and her history…and this made it so much more personal and heartwarming for me.’

— Cindi Austin, NetGalley five-star review

‘Lovers of history and food will find Jewish Flavours of Italy: A Family Cookbook well-written and fascinating, and will not only want to cook dozens of the recipes, but also curl up in a corner and enjoy. There are so many excellent recipes, that many cooks will want to make something every day for a month or so from this cookbook. These are recipes that nobody will ever get tired of.   The recipes are concise, simply written, and easy-to-follow. Cooks with skills from beginner to advanced will easily be able to follow the recipes and turn out picture-perfect results. The photographs are beautiful, and almost every recipe is pictured. There are also beautiful photographs of Italy and the historical aspect of Italy and how the author’s family survived through history. The recipes are for dishes that most of us will actually want to cook and serve; none of those recipes that look nice, but aren’t doable. Most of the ingredients are easily found in any major grocery store, and many are already on anyone’s well-stocked pantry shelves. All told, this is an excellent and beautiful cookbook. It should be on the cookbook shelf of anyone serious about delicious Italian cooking.’  — Karen Hancock, NetGalley five-star review

‘Rome is home to the oldest continuous Jewish community in Europe, so the blending of Italian and Jewish culinary traditions has been taking place for more than 2,000 years. Here, Silvia takes a scholarly look at the history of Jewish Italy and presents many of its most memorable dishes. Yes, there are classics such as the fried artichokes known as carciofi alla giudia, but there are also hearty family meals such as aubergine parmigiana and sweets including orecchie di Amman – little pastries made for the festival of Purim. ‘ Waitrose Weekend magazine

‘Written almost as a love letter to the author’s family and heritage. Wonderful family pictures and backstory.’ – Joni O, NetGally Reviewer

‘Deeply personal, moving, stunning cookbook showing a glimpse into the lives and food of the Roman Jewish community. The pictures are gorgeous, the stories are relevant, the food is extraordinarily. I’ll be purchasing a copy of this for my personal cookbook collection.’ – Heather H, Librarian, NetGalley Reviewer

‘Long term JC contributor Silvia Nacamulli has been writing this book almost as long as I’ve known her. It’s not just a record of her family recipes, it’s a compelling account of their history — both sides of her family have lived in Italy for hundreds of years — and that of Italian Jews generally. I loved find out out about their customs (Rosh Hashanah seder serves and a very different Shabbat bread) and find her huge flavours and colourful descriptions utterly compelling. It’s very much a book that demands to be read as much as it does to be cooked from. It would me a gorgeous gift, to yourself or others. And it’s kosher.’ — Victoria Prever, The Jewish Chronicle

This beautiful book of Italian Jewish family recipes invites you to indulge in the pleasure of eating healthful and tasty dishes, reflecting the flavors of Italian Jewish cuisine.”  Hélène Jawhara PiñerNew York Journal of Books

A richly embroidered tribute that is also practical — Kitchen Arts and Letters 

This beautiful book of Italian Jewish family recipes invites you to indulge in the pleasure of eating healthful and tasty dishes, reflecting the flavors of Italian Jewish cuisine.”  Hélène Jawhara Piñer, New York Journal of Books

‘This is a cookbook that really feels much more than just a book of recipes. It serves as a testimony to Nacamulli’s family story, and as general Italian Jewish history. There’s no shortage of unique recipes to try, along with familiar favorites that are impossible to resist. And, of course, we can all recognize that beautiful and important feeling of taking a bite of food that connects us to something bigger, be it family, community, or history, which is really at the core here.’  — Allison Abraham,