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Our Books

We ensure that all of our books have meaningful Jewish content, as well as attractive and creative illustrations.

We carefully handpick original and thoughtful Israeli children’s books, we aim to publish only the most inspiring work.

Books for ages 4-8

We are proud to publish beautiful illustrated stories for children – you can read about them here and see some pages from the books on the gallery page.

Books for ages 8+

We publish exciting and original books for older readers too – check them out here!

Take a look at our illustrators gallery

Take a look at some of the artwork from our latest books!

Reading Matters

Reading to Children

75% of brain development occurs in the first two years of life and reading aloud to children from birth has enormous benefit.

Reading for Pleasure

A parent is a child’s first and most important teacher and plays a vital role in instilling in his/ her child a love of reading.