Green Bean Books

Workitsu’s Passover

Written by Ben Hagai, Zahava Goshen

Illustrated by Eden Spivak

Price: £10.99

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9781784388997

Available from February 2024


  • Great portrayal of the Passover tradition and how letting go of the old is necessary to make space for the new

  • Teaches children that good things can happen if we are open to new ideas and challenges

  • Beautifully illustrated throughout


It is another day at Workitu’s village. As usual, she is awoken by the morning sounds of the village. However, for Workitu, something doesn’t feel right. She knows that today, ahead of the Passover celebrations, she will have to break all of the crockery she had become so used to, including her favourite cup, the one she made all by herself. She can’t help but feel that she will be losing something valuable and meaningful to her.

Then, an incident makes her drop the cup she was holding on to the ground, breaking it into pieces. Workitu begins to cry, but then her auntie shares a secret she learned a long time ago, and Workitu is finally able to see this tradition in a new light: “It’s good to break things sometimes. To let go of old things . . . I break, and then I make. All with the same hands.”

With beautiful illustrations throughout, this is a meaningful tale about the importance of letting go of the old to make space for the new, and how family traditions are passed on through generations.