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Dandelion Snow

Take a peak inside

Written by Rinat Primo

Price: £10.99
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781805000396

Book available from August 2024


Every Friday, the children of Gun Meir kindergarten go to the playground on the corner of the street, where they play in the fields of grass filled with beautiful flowers. Of all the flowers, their favourite are the bright yellow dandelions. They put them in their hair and gently blow the seed heads, sending them fluttering in the fields like dandelion snow.

Wherever the seeds fall, new flowers will grow, their teacher tells them.

But one day, they discover that the playground has been closed so new homes can be built in its place. The fields have turned grey, and the flowers have all gone. Will they find a new way to spread the dandelion snow and bring life and colour back to their neighbourhood?

Author Details

Rinat Primo is one of the most beloved and successful Israeli children’s authors. Her book can be found in almost every home. Rinat’s classic picture books include Ai! Ouch! Ow!, Splendours and A Letter to Bialik and her popular mid-grade novels include My Best Friend and Zalman.

Maya Ish-Shalom is a freelance illustrator from Israel. She earned her B.Des from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. She works digitally and by hand for magazines and newspapers, books, branding, advertising and animations. She enjoys capturing different feelings and emotions and translating them into colorful images. Her work has been recognized by various organizations, including the Society of Illustrators, American Illustration, 3×3 magazine and Communication Arts.)