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Homeschooling for Petrified Parents

The Covid-19 crisis has had an incalculable, continuing impact on so many people around the world. For some people, one very stressful aspect has been the challenge of homeschooling children (while also trying to keep working at a day job!).
In December 2020 Green Bean Books embarked on a new book project raising money for the food charity FareShare.
The idea is simple:  an amusing, beginner’s guide to homeschooling made up of ideas from teachers around the world – people new to teaching, experienced old hands, along with retired teachers and headteachers.
The provisional title of the book is Homeschooling for Petrified Parents: Teachers’ Tips and Tales. If you are a teacher and would like to help out, please email before the end of January 2021. You’ll be sent a list of six questions that should take roughly 15 minutes to answer. 
The book will include contributions from teachers around the world and the answers – together with cartoons related to homeschooling – will be put together and published as an eBook in early 2021. If there is enough demand and interest the book will also be published as a paperback too.
Please feel free to send a link to this page on to any teachers, or illustrators who might want to contribute!