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Green Bean Books Jewish Children’s Book Awards and Offers

WIN £1000!

If you are a budding storyteller or aspiring children’s book illustrator then read on…

Green Bean Books, together with the Jewish Literary Foundation, has launched its fifth Jewish Children’s Book Awards.

You need to write a brilliant, original children’s book story with a Jewish theme, or Jewish values.Or for all great illustrators, submit your interpretation of a Three Monkey’s illustration on our website. For both the story and illustration competion there is a £1,000 prize.

Click here, or Visit to see more details.


Green Bean Books is looking for children’s book reviewers aged 6 to 12 year’s old to share their thoughts on our books! It means free books sent to you in exchange for thoughtful reviews! Please email with the name, and age of the aspiring reviewer. We also need your full postal address. We will select 10 new Green Bean reviewers and send out free books over the summer.


Green Bean’s Books Annual Book Give away is not far off!

If you want to enter the prize draw to win books worth £200 please email with ‘PrizeDraw’ etc. And you need to email us before the closing date of Monday 3rd June!