Green Bean Books

Pesach Puns

Many thanks to everyone who replied to Green Bean’s Facebook and Instagram appeals for a Pesach pun!  
There were so many great ideas, from so many people, we’ve compiled a list of them all – the top five will be used in Jamie Kiffel-Alcheh and Menahem Halberstadt’s forthcoming Pesach book.
Thank you again! 
Ice cream store: Haggadahz
Hillel’s Sandwich Shop
Exodus Emporium: Everything must go!
Daye News
Laundro – Matzah
Sea of Reads Bookstore
Haggadah Story For You (books and Judaica)
Meals to Go: Flat Rate
Mac Roon’s Cookies ‘n’ Stuff
Kar Pas Driving School
Darth Seder Fancy Dress Shop
Ma Nishtana’s Eatery 
Betty Katz Chametz Storage Units
No Ham-etc Butcher Shop
Turn to Page 28 Book Shoppe
Bread of Affliction Matzoh Factory
Take Us Out of Egypt Travel Agency
The Wise Child Tutoring Academy
Ten Plagues Urgent Care Center
Dayenu Storage
Elijah’s Chair Emporium
Moses Lawn, gardens and landscaping
Sadie Plate, china and ceramics
Tanning salon: Mannish Tanner
Karpas, driving instructor
Red Sea Hair Salon (partings a specialty)
Angie Mack’s Diner? Geoff’s Filtered Fish?
Surely Fair O has a poncy shop. Two Zuzim or Less is for bargains!
Haga day care? 
Ma roar’s cafe
4 cups wine bar
Egyptian food to go
Redd C. Peds Shoe Shop 
Floating Basket Crafts
Two Tablets Chemists
In Akamovit Mall there’s Bernie’s Bushes, Overseer Opticians, & Miriam’s Daycare
Exodus Emporium: Everything must go!
The Matzah Mart or Elijah’s Emporium
Matzah and More!
Matzalot? Alfie Kowman’s?
Rosha’s Glatt Rashers
Ma’s Tsa Smattas dress shop
E. Had. & M. E. Yodeya counting house. 
K.N. Aidlach, golf balls
4 glasses winery 
Ma Nishtana’s Wise & Wicked  Four Sons Barbershop (like a barbershop quartet, haha)…
Frogs Here, Frogs There, Frogs Underwear.
Passover Plague Puppets
Wise & Sons/Wise & Four Sons/Four Sons Hardware 
Charo Set & Dry Salon…
Why is This Knight Different Costume Shop
One of the stores there can be a small motel called Karpas Inn
Coffee & Matzah Toffee
Herb’s Dips and Matzo Chips
Haro Set’s Fresh Fruits & Nuts
Who Knows One Math Tutors
Matzo Ball Sporting Goods
Urchatz & Spicy Cafe
Choshech Electrics and Lighting
Sweet De-Nile Pâtisserie
Matzah Passover Pizza Parlor
Matzah Ball Toy Shop 
Sinai Camping and Outdoor Gear
Miriam’s Dance Studio
Seder Plating & Glass
Arov Toy Shop
Daye News
Maror Image
Chag Samelox Deli / Karpastry Bakery
Alfie’s Combin’ Hair Salon
ABC Karpas and Home
Ma Tsa Meals Diner
Read See Books
Kar-pas Auto Dealer
Matt’s ‘Za pizza shop
Hey Man’s groceries
Burning Bush Florists
Gelfilte’s Aquarium
Lotsa Matzah
Two Zuzim Clothing for Kids
The Clothing Shop for Girls and Boils
Elijah’s Cups, Plates and Bowls
Kohen’s Menswear
Aviv Florists
Omer’s Accounting Services
Eliyahu’s Furniture Restoration
Hillel’s Sandwich Shop
Dayenu Storage Units
Chad Gadya Pet Shop
5 Sages “Open 24 Hours!”
Elijah’s Cup coffee shop
Bitter Herbs Drugstore 
Mazza Ball Gowns 
10 Plagues Pest Control
Four & Sons Family Counselling 
Di Di’s Diner.
Why is this nightie different to all other nighties? Women’s sleepwear shop
Bitter Herbs Nursery 
Let My People Golf 
4 Quest’s Diagnostics
Elijah’s Chairs and Recliners
Matzorella Italian Restaurant
Miriam’s Music Emporium
Moshe’s Plague Removal
Red Sea Dry Cleaners
Sinai Real Estate
Choshech Electrics and Lighting
Arov Toy Shop
Kor Buns 
Nissan’s Dry Goods
Haro Set’s Fresh Fruits & Nuts
Betty Katz Cleaning Service 
Barad’s Umbrellas and Raingear
Recliners R Us
Micah Mocha’s Coffee Roasters