Green Bean Books


Dear Sir/Madam

Many thanks for your email and your submission to Green Bean Books. 
Firstly, can I please ask how you heard about Green Bean Books?
[It was nice of X to recommend me – we have only met on Zoom but I hope to be able to chat to him in person if I make it to Israel in December]
Additionally, can I ask if you have submitted your manuscript to the PJ Library or any other publisher?  If Apples & Honey and Kar-Ben reject the manuscript please let me know and I’ll be happy to take a look – I generally don’t look at manuscripts that are on active submission to other publishers (because, frankly, I get so many submissions I prioritise exclusive submissions, and also I’d fancifully like to hope I am an author’s first choice!)
Finally,  I am afraid to say that I probably would not sell enough copies to cover my costs and pay royalties!  If you haven’t already you could try the Second Story Press, Kar-Ben, Apple & Honey or Kalaniot. 
I wish you luck from London!  You will probably sell thousands of copies with another publisher and I’ll rue the day I declined!